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Latest applications

Rise – Wellbeing Classes

iOS (6) Free
POWERING IN-PERSON AND VIRTUAL WELLBEING CLASSES Whether it’s a yoga class, functional fitness class, a good old HIIT workout or a range of...


iOS Free
eClazz - Cổng hỗ trợ các lớp học online và offline trở nên dễ dàng, thuận tiện hơn. Những người học ngày nay muốn chương trình học có nội du...

My Story Global

iOS (2) Free
3 reasons to learn on My Story Global App: 1. This is a new learning experience where family and friends come together in a team setting.

Satsanga - Teach Meditation

iOS Free
Satsanga is an online self-care and meditation teaching platform featuring the best meditation masters, teachers, instructors, and mentors f...

Attendant for Zoom

iOS (4) Free
Take control of your meetings with Attendant for Zoom. Easily manage audio/video, counts, raised hands, and your waiting room.

Latest games

Zoom Out Famous Celebrity Movie Star Quiz Maestro - Close Up Word Trivia

iOS Free
Can you identify the movie stars from the high definition images? The images are zoomed in to challenge the most knowledgeable movie buffs.

Zoomed in Celebrities Quiz - The best free word game to guess famous movie and tv celebrity photos

iOS (182) Free
Guess famous celebs from zoomed in pics! It's free, addicting, and FUN!

Guess the Close Up - Pics Quiz

iOS (4) Free
Guess the Close-Up using a single picture! CHECK THE DETAILS!

Drop The Number : Merge Puzzle

iOS (7,439) Free
2048 is SUPER addictive puzzle game. So let's not limit yourself in square tile!

2048 Number Puzzle game

iOS (591) Free
The 2048 app is fun, addictive and very simple number puzzle game! GAME INSTRUCTIONS Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

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