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Business · iOS Do you think that some calls are so important that you desperately want to listen to them again? Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take a memo?
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Do you think that some calls are so important that you desperately want to listen to them again? Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take a memo? Or you had to memorize a phone number or street address?

Are you a lawyer, journalist or hiring manager and think that all your calls, interviews and meetings should be recorded and stored on your iPhone? If your answer is yes, then Call Recorder - Save & Listen is the best app for you.

All the features that will make your life easier are in this app. In order to use these fantastic features, you must purchase one of our annual or monthly subscription packages.

+ Record Incoming and outgoing calls without any limits.

+ We offer a very high-quality recording so the recorded calls are clear.

+ Voice to Text: Turn your call records into text with just one tap

+ Voice Recorder: You can record your voice without a call

+ Apple Watch & iMessage Apps: We have developed Apple Watch and iMessage applications for you to access your call records from anywhere, and start recording calls and voice from anywhere.

+ Easily add contacts from your phone book and start recording

+ Automatically detects when you're in a phone call and lets you record instantly when you open the app

+ Automatically name the records of the people you call

+ Background Play: You can listen to your recordings in the background without having to keep the app open.

+ App Clip app - With this feature, you can record calls without downloading our app.

+ Instant Support: If call recording is difficult and confusing to you, our live support team is always with you within the app.

+ Calendar Integration: If you don't want to forget to record your meetings, we can remind you to record the meeting 5 minutes before.

+ Dark Mode: Use the app with dark colors that do not tire your eyes.

+ Thanks to the Appclip feature, you can record calls without downloading an application.

+ Smart Theme: Automatically tracks your choice of themes that you use on your iPhone and applies the same in the app. You do not need to change it manually.

+ Widget on Today View: You can easily record your calls and voice without opening the app.

+ Siri Integration: When you type "call", "voice" or similar terms in the Spotlight search bar, actions in our app are recommended as shortcuts, you can take the action you want with one touch without opening the app.

+ Find the conversation/record just by typing a word that you talked on the phone.

+ Add passcode on "Records" screen: No one will listen a record without a passcode

+ You can favorite records and find them easily

+ Rename records what ever you like

+ Delete the records you don't need, so you can increase the available memory of your phone

+ We designed all layouts very carefully to give you the best call recording experience ever.

+ Our app is very easy to use, you don't have to configure it, because we made all this process for you.

What are you waiting for? Download Call Recorder - Save & Listen iPhone call recorder and enjoy the best call recording app ever!

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