Dual Space: Multiple Accounts, Dual App

Developer · Android Clone app and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously
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Author: Neban Studio Version: 1.1 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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Did you have to frequently switch different social accounts of the same app on your phone?

Have you ever used two or more phones for keeping your accounts online just in case of missing any message from WhatsApp?

Keep multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously.

• Keep your personal accounts and work accounts both online at the same time, and you can balance between life and work easily.

• Almost all social apps are supported for a second account in Dual Space. Data from different accounts will not interfere with each other.

Now, Dual Space: Multiple Accounts, Dual App Cloner has released! It can perfectly solve your problem! You can easily use one phone to log in multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time! And you don’t need to worry about the message reception and data storage problem of different accounts, because they will work independently and with no interference to each other.

Dual Space: Multiple Accounts, Dual App Cloner is compatible with most messaging apps, game apps and social networking apps. Google Play Services are supported, and you can connect with your Google Play Games or other services in your clones.

★ Log in to your multiple messaging, game and social Dual apps

• Balance between your life and work easily with multiple accounts.

• Double game accounts and double fun.

• Data of clones and original Dual apps are separated

★ Customize accounts with different icons and label

★ Privacy Locker to protect your cloned account

• You can choose to lock the main app Multi Parallel or lock specific clones.

★ Switch fast between infinite multiple accounts with just one-tap

• Run multiple accounts simultaneously, and will create icons with clone tags.

★ Light weighted, clean, low ram & power consumption.

★ Smooth and easy to use

★ Lite Mode for best power and memory efficiency


Permissions: Dual Space has applied for as many system permissions as we can to ensure that applications cloned in Dual Space will run normally.For example, if Dual Space is not permitted to acquire camera permission, you will be unable to use camera function in some apps that run in Dual Space. Dual Space does not collect your personal information to protect privacy.

Malicious virus warning:We found that some antivirus software maliciously popped up a virus warning because Dual Space applied for system permissions. If you experience this situation, please don't worry.Dual Space is an absolutely safe application, does not contain any virus.

Notifications: Please add Dual Space to the whitelist of some boost Dual apps to ensure that notification of some cloned apps work well.

If you like our application, please give us five-star praise for Dual App Cloner, your encouragement is our greatest motivation! Thank you!

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