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Droplets is an interactive learning platform for children developed by the team behind Drops.

Let Droplets help your children take their first steps in learning new languages!

Our app is designed for ages 7 to 16.

Special attention is given to visual learning. All the words in the app are accompanied by colorful and easy-to-remember illustrations. Pronunciation is also given priority. Every word is voiced by a professional actor who is also a native speaker of the language.

All the words are handpicked and grouped into topics. Everything is designed to encourage the child to take interest in the language and make each study session as effective as possible.

What will children learn with Droplets?


– The basics: learn to read and write the alphabet in a particular language.

– Food and drink: words for fruits, vegetables, kitchenware and much more.

– Family and friends: your child will learn to say “mom” and “dad” in any of the 37 languages available. Don’t worry, other relatives aren't left out!

– Household items: all the things around you are included in this category. A list of essential words for everyday use.

– More than 100 topics in 23 different categories altogether. For every available language!

Why will children love the app?

The language learning process in Droplets is game-based, accompanied by colourful illustrations, nice and clear pronunciation samples, and great usability.

How can we help parents?

You can create a profile for your child and manage the time he/she spends learning. You can track your child’s progress and achievements, help him/her learn new words, and pick the topics you want to learn next together.

What about access to the content?

Droplets is completely free!

We give you free access to all of our content for 5 minutes a day. Each topic needs to be studied in consecutive order.

If you want to get access to everything at once or unlock unlimited learning time, we offer monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions. Try it out yourself.

For more information, please see:

Privacy policy — https://languagedrops.com/privacypolicy.html

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