Scale Junkie

Multimedia · Android Now you can practice your scales and actually have fun doing it!
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Finally you can practice your scales to something interesting!The worlds first mobile app specifically designed to make practicing scales amazingly fun and exciting! Come on, let's be real. Sitting down with your instrument and turning on a metronome ( at 60 bpm to repetitively play the same scale over and over again although effective, is not the most exhilarating experience that you're just longing to get back to every day. We understand that, and that's why we created Scale Junkie!

With Scale Junkie, you can have a fun immersive experience while practicing your scales to music specifically created to keep you engaged, and interested the whole entire time! You're not just practicing to a metronome any more, you now have a full band playing along with you! The scales you practice are now a melody to a song, and the Scale Junkie band accompanies you, making it a fun and enjoyable experience!

Key Features:

-Change the tempo to create the pace at which you desire to practice

-Practice Major scales in all 12 keys

-Switch seamlessly between musical sections

-Separate audio tracks with the ability to mute out instruments and practice to what you want to hear

-Great for drummers to practice to as well

-Scale Reference for each scale so you can hear what to practice on

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