Lynx Privacy-Hide photo/video, Free 5GB Backup

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Lynx is a professional app designed to protect a hide mobile privacy. All your private photos and videos can be password-protected and automatically synced to a 5GB free cloud space to save your device space.

With Lynx, you can easily hide and protect all your selfies, so no one will see the photos you took of your work-out results. All chosen photos will be automatically uploaded to your own cloud space, a space as large as 5GB FOR FREE!

★ PIN code protection

Unlock lynx only with correct PIN code or the owner's fingerprint, making sure no one else has access to your privacy on phone

★ Auto sync to 5G cloud space

5GB free space for your photos and videos to sync to, so they never get lost

★ Save phone space

Don't have enough space on your phone but can't decide which photos to delete? Why not uploading them all to free cloud space! 5GB for new starter and even more if you use more!

★Quick sharing

Generate an access code for the album you want to share and the receiver of the code can access the shared album in his/her own lynx

★ Camouflage mode

Lynx can be disguised into another app (a calculator for example) so only you know how to access it.

★ Fake PIN code

Set a fake PIN code to a fake lynx where you can keep some regular photos as disguise

★ Intruder alert

Lynx can automatically take a picture of any intruder who tried to access with a wrong PIN code

★ Lynx will not be appear on your recently used apps list

"Every one has privacy that should be respected, make sure your privacy stay private is what we do!" - Lynx Team

Why is it called "Lynx"?

In ancient Greek, lynx is considered as the keeper of secrets. And we hope that this app guards your secrets like a lynx. You can trust it with your work-out records, copies of important paperworks or other photos or videos that are important to you and must be kept away from other people.

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