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Multimedia · Android Learn your favorite songs.Practice anytime, anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.
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Author: CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Version: 1.2.0 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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Learn your favorite songs.

1. Music score and piano roll notation make it fun and easy to learn!

Chordana Play displays the music score and piano roll notation for built-in songs and MIDI files. With MIDI files, you can select which tracks to play with your left and right hands, or you can assign the melody to the right hand and chords generated by the app to your left hand. Slow the tempo, transpose the score into a key that is easier to play, and with the AB repeat function, take lessons (practice) at your own pace.

You can take three-step lessons using the virtual on-screen keyboard. Select from 128 kinds of tone quality. Plus, a scoring system lets you keep track of your improving skills.

2. Use the 50 built-in songs or import standard MIDI files

Play one of the 50 songs included in Chordana Play, or add MIDI files.

Chordana Play can generate a music score from the MIDI file and detect chords, too, making it easy to learn to play two-handed piano. You can search for MIDI files using the browser on your smartphone or tablet (smart device), then import them into Chordana Play. Plus you can import MIDI files from a personal computer to Chordana Play.

3. Practice anytime and anywhere

Using either the app's keyboard or a USB-connected musical instrument keyboard, you can take a three-step lesson while following the music score and piano roll. The scoring feature makes mastering a song even more fun.

4.Connecting a musical instrument to your smart device

● Supported CASIO Keyboard models

CT-S200, CT-S300, LK-S250

● What is needed for connecting and the connection method used

See here for more details on connections.

・To use while connected to a supported CASIO keyboard, an OTG-compatible smartphone/tablet running Android 6.0 or later is required. (Some smartphones/tablets may not be supported.)

・Do not connect a USB cable and audio cable to the smart device at the same time.

・Set the connected smart device to a mode that prevents mobile data communication, such as In-Flight mode.

5. Keyboard Link

● Supported CASIO Keyboard models

LK-265, LK-266, CTK-2500, CTK-2550, and CTK-3500

● Stereo mini to stereo mini cable required.

The keyboard link function enables you to use an audio cable to send melody and chord data along with the audio playback. Use the keyboard's light-up function and practice step-up lessons directly on the keyboard itself. The function has two modes.

■ Performance mode

When a song is played, the light-up keyboard shows the left-hand part and the melody. The notes and chords for the melody are shown on the keyboard's LCD.

■ Save mode

You can transfer and save the song's right-hand melody and left-hand chord data, or the left-hand performance data, to the keyboard. You can then play along to the song and use the step-up lesson function.


★System Requirements (Information current as of July 2019)

Android 4.4 or later required.

Recommended RAM: 2 GB or more

*To use while connected to a supported CASIO keyboard, an OTG-compatible smartphone/tablet running Android 6.0 or later is required. (Some smartphones/tablets may not be supported.)

Recommended for use on the smartphones/tablets listed below.

Operation is not guaranteed on smartphones/tablets not included in the list.

Smartphones/tablets for which operation has been confirmed will be progressively added to the list.

Note that smartphones/tablets for which operation is confirmed may still fail to display or operate correctly following updates to the smartphone/tablet software or Android OS version.

Not compatible with devices that use an x86 CPU.

[Supported smartphones/tablets]

Android One S1


Galaxy NOTE9

Galaxy S5 Active

Galaxy S9

Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3a

HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro



Nexus 5

Nexus 6

Nexus 9

Xperia XZ

Xperia XZ3

Xperia Z4

Xperia Z5

Zenfone 5z

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