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Codes Authenticator

iOS (7) Free
Codes is a simple, free and native two-factor authentication app. It keeps your online accounts secure, by adding additional authentication factor for supported websites.

Search All - Search Engines

iOS (23) Free
Search All is an app that aggregates multiple search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia You can search one keyword in multiple search engines one time. Search all you want at the same time.

Utternik - Opinion Rewards App

iOS (547) Free
Utternik is an opinion platform built for today's generation who either have little time or feel lazy to read and write long comments & revi...

Translate All - Speech & Text

iOS (3) Free
Translate text in more than 40 languages (speech to text). This app can also be used as the utility translator application.

Magnifying glass free

iOS (6) Free
Transform your iPhone into a Magnifying glass. +--------------------+ The best magnifier +--------------------+ 5 stars app.

uViewer for D-Link Cameras

iOS (12) 4.99
uDcsCam allows the user to remotely monitor live video and audio feeds with an incredibly intuitive touch screen user interface for D-Link n...

Cam On! Pro

iOS (4) 2.99
Cam On! is a navigation tool that lets you explore the world by interacting with the best webcams on the net.

PDF Master 2020

iOS (1) Free
PDF Master 2020 is a convenient, practical and free scanning app that can turn your iPhone into a powerful mobile scanner. Lets you easily scan, save and share any document in PDF format.

PDF Converter: Scan Document

iOS (4) Free
This portable document scanner can help you scan files to your mobile phone without internet connection. We also provide the function of encrypting user data.

Barcode: QR Code Scanner +

iOS (13) Free
The best app to scan QR Code and Barcode! Product information for millions of items worldwide.

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