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Zoom Abroad is a UK based global innovative organization which is continuously striving to provide the most ethical student counselling and recruitment of prospective international students from developed / developing countries who wants to pursue higher education abroad. We are emerging as a disrupter in the education industry with its unique idea to incorporate technology to bring abroad closer and make the most authentic information accessible to international students and education providers.

Jump In Meeting - Zoom, Google

iOS (1) Free
The application helps you to save time jumping from a teleconference meeting to another call during the day with the useful widget and only...

zPad - ZOOM + Browser

iOS (0) Free
zPad lets you ZOOM more effectively!   Want to check internet while in a meeting?

Attendant for Zoom

iOS (4) Free
Take control of your meetings with Attendant for Zoom. Easily manage audio/video, counts, raised hands, and your waiting room.

Zoomie for Instagram - Profile

iOS (837) Free
Why should you get Zoomie? When someone tries to follow you and you have no clue who it is, you're stuck with a tiny profile picture.

Meeter for Zoom, Teams & Co

iOS (15) Free
Was it hangouts or zoom? Personal or work calendar?

Zoom Courier

iOS (48) Free
This application is designated to a closed group of users as a back-end application. Specifically, this application will be used by employees of our growing pool of client companies.

BIGI-Zoom photo for Insta

iOS (426) Free
Zoom on any Insta profile picture to see it in Full size with HD+ quality. Look, it's very easy.


iOS (7) Free
ZoomRx is a survey platform that facilitates communication between doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies. The application enables...

Zoom! - Magnified Pics

iOS (27) Free
Guess the object from the zoomed in photo! Hundreds of levels for you to solve.

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