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Payment - Stripe Card Charges

iOS (2,711) Free
Payment for Stripe has over 70,000 customers around the world and is the most trusted Stripe Point of Sale app on the App Store. Sell anything on the go.

Newton Calendar

iOS (285) Free
Newton Calendar is a companion app to Newton Mail. Existing Newton Mail users will have all the calendar events synced automatically upon installing the app.

Tensai Conference

iOS (0) Free
SECURITY Your conferences are not routed through our servers, instead it uses our proprietary encryption and hop-by-hop mechanism so you are...


iOS (3) Free
Zavi provides a solution to create and join a meeting easily. We want to connect users, let them communicate and share together in a way that is fast, high video quality and secured.

Conference Room Display 2

iOS (8) Free
Use an iPad or iPhone outside of your conference rooms to show the day's schedule in your corporate design. ***Privacy is ensured.*** The App ensures that meeting participants are in the right place.

Calendar for Business Pro

iOS (12) 4.99
Ever wished for an easier way to join a conference call? Calendar for Business Pro designed for those business people who're looking for efficient way to manage their time.


iOS (9) Free
Jump into a 360 degree virtual exploration of the latest projects by HOK, a global leader in architecture and design. With two interactive modes of visualization, anyone is able to engage.

BookMe Provectus

iOS (1) Free
Book a meeting room in just a couple of clicks. This application allows you to receive up-to-date information on the status of conference ro...

Look Busy

iOS (7) 0.99
Look Busy scans your work calendar for open time slots and fills them with realistic-looking (but secretly fake) work events. Your co-worker...

Meeting Room 365

iOS (6) Free
Meeting Room 365 is the Fastest Way to add a Meeting Room Display to your office - providing everything you need to coordinate, schedule, an...

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