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Met Valet

iOS (0) Free
Met Valet app is used by our residents. Using the app, our residents can see all their cars parked in valet.

VIP Parker

iOS (22) Free
VIP Parker is the monthly parker app for your SMS Valet ticketless valet system. If your office or residence is using SMS Valet as part of t...


iOS (0) Free
With TEZ application you can easily search for a EV charging stations near you. You have instant access to more than 150+ charging stations on your finger tips.


iOS (0) Free
Display financial reports for excursions and shopping and also arrival & departure lists. App is just display data which inserted from our online system to easily monitor Shopping and Excursions Sales and also Arrival and Departure for TEZ Tour Company .

D Scanner - Image to Text

iOS (2) Free
Are you worried about converting your image to text and Photo to PDF? Do you feel a problem in writing your document by looking at the text on the picture?

HelloPDF-PDF Converter&Scanner

iOS (11) Free
With HelloPDF, you can convert one or more pictures into PDF documents in just a few simple steps. 1.

Scanner# - PDF Scanner App

iOS (26) Free
Scanner# is the easiest and most powerful app to scan your documents, sign PDF and recognize texts automatically. Scan, edit, sign and share any document in PDF, JPG or Text instantly.

Scanner Me: Document Scan PDF

iOS (5) Free
Are you tired of taking blurred page images? Will you like to make document sharing and conversion simpler and easier?

Scanner App PDF ScanPro

iOS (0) Free
Looking for a portable scanner? ScanPro will turn your device into a powerful digital office and help you become more productive in your work and daily life.


iOS (6) Free
The simple way to turn any document into a PDF from your phone or tablet. Now you can snap a pic with your camera and create the perfect PDF.

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