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ClusterCards 2: Card Scanner

iOS (51) Free
ClusterCards is an easy to use business card scanner. Just snap a picture of any business card and ClusterCards lets you skip the typing by...

Document Scanner App: Doc Scan

iOS (2,505) Free
Scaaan. is a mobile scanner app that will turn your iPhone into a powerful mobile scanner.

Scan App: PDF Document Scanner

iOS (191) Free
Scan App is the premier scanner application that will turn your iPhone or iPad device into a powerful mobile scanner. Scan, save and share any document in PDF or JPEG format with ease.

PDF Scanner App for iPhone

iOS (318) Free
My Scanner App transforms your iPhone into a handy pocket-sized scanning machine. Scan and save any document in PDF and JPEG format and share it with your colleagues and friends.

scanner : fax plus ad free

iOS (825) Free
Now convert your device into a mini pocket Scanner and Fax machine enjoy the high quality image in your device within just one touch with th...


iOS (1,050) Free
【猎聘官方出品】用猎聘,换更好的工作!大公司,好职位,更高薪. 用手机上猎聘,与猎头、HR实时在线沟通;每日为您推送适合好职位! 【白领&精英找工作】 「名企职位」实时掌握,覆盖全行业高薪好福利职位....


iOS (658) Free
在中国职场,好机遇通过人脉找到你! 作为1.1亿人都在用的职场社交App,脉脉基于“实名职业认证”和“人脉网络引擎”将中国职场上的人脉社交无限拓展到线上,真实高效的帮助职场人拓展人脉、交流合作、求职招聘,让职场里的好机遇主动找到你 脉脉,为中国职场定制 【人脉拓展神器】基于人脉网...

Scanner App: Document PDF Scan

iOS (5,156) Free
Convert your iPhone into a Powerful Document Scanner with fast PDF Scanner App. Download Scanner App free of charge to instantly scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG or TXT format.

Scanner App

iOS (2) Free
Scanner PDF app will maximize your document management efficiency : a mobile scanner for your smartphone, to change paper into PDF, while sa...

Scanner App ·

iOS (1,591) Free
Turn your device into a portable scanner. Scan, print and manage documents with your iPhone or iPad with ease.

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