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Shock my friends-Tap Roulette.

iOS (141) Free
Top Roulette. is a fun & simple app to make decisions.

Decide Cat

iOS (81) Free
What's for lunch? Where are you going to play tomorrow?

Followers Caps For Instagram

iOS (187) Free
Get the best Fonts and Captions styles with the best tool for Instagram. Our tool Also allows you to generate tags with our ai system that s...

L.S.V. Minerva

iOS (0) Free
De Leidse Studentenvereniging Minerva is de oudste studentenvereniging van Nederland, opgericht in 1814. De app voor de Leden biedt onder an...

Wanalyzer - App Usage Tracker

iOS (316) Free
Wanalyzer is a visual and user-friendly application that allow you to show how much time you spend on your smartphone and your favorite apps...

Custom Contacts

iOS (12) Free
Custom Contacts is the new quick and powerful way to share only the details of your contact info that you want. If your contact info is full...

Jump In Meeting - Zoom, Google

iOS (1) Free
The application helps you to save time jumping from a teleconference meeting to another call during the day with the useful widget and only...


iOS (0) Free
Oppidu helps teams to schedule events with RSVP, Rating, Feedback, PayPal Payment, Video Capture, Video Conference, and Checklist based Performance Evaluation capabilities for all members participating those events.

Background for Cloud Meetings

iOS (0) 9.99
Easily changeable backgrounds for unforgettable video conferences with professionally designed pictures. Video conferencing, webinars and ot...

eyeson Video Calls

iOS (20) Free
Perfectly crisp group video calls - even when you’re not in the office. Host and join 100-person video calls from your mobile device and let...

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