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WiFi scanner pro

Android (0) $1.49
Analyze Wifi signals and channels.


Android (14) $0.99
Find out what the frequency of a specific CB/LPD/PMR/UHF/Marine VHF channel is.

CB Frequencies

Android (9) $0.99
If you love DX'ing, or Free Banding with your CB radio then this app is for you.

A2N Kernel Control Manager for S8 S8+ Plus Age 13+

Android (59) $6.00
Increase battery life - Charger Control - Improve performance - Add new features

CamScanner (License)

Android (36,566) $1.99
The license would allow you to remove all ads within CamScanner APP

All Language-Camera Translator PRO

Android (843) $2.99
All Language-Camera Translator PRO can translations in any type of languages.

QR & Barcode Scanner PRO

Android (26,372) $2.99
The fastest QR and Barcode scanner. Try it NOW!

QR and Barcode Scanner PRO

Android (5,531) $1.49
Try out the fast, accurate, reliable QR and Barcode Scanner/ Reader/ Generator!

Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan

Android (1,006) $3.99
📋 It is time to replace huge hardware scanners with the mobile Scanner Pro

Genius Scan+ - PDF Scanner

Android (3,852) $4.99
Genius Scan is a scanner app in your pocket.

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