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Height Increase - Get Taller

iOS (18) Free
"Do you want to be taller? Do you want to improve Height Naturally and boost your confidence?

Bend — Stretch Every Day

iOS (157) Free
Bend is the simple way to stretch every day. Choose from three different stretch routines depending on your goals: • Classic — A simple rout...

Height increase

iOS (129) Free
You can find all the answers in this app! Our height is regulated by genes inherited from parents.


iOS (9,599) Free
Your UPRIGHT GO is worn discreetly on your upper back and provides you with immediate posture feedback. In TRAINING mode, the GO vibrates ge...

Grow Taller! Home Workouts

iOS (62) Free
Height is an important factor that determines the overall personality of an individual. Height enhances the personnel of an individual.

Height Predictor Calculator

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Height is determined 70% by genetics and 30% by environmental factors like nutrition, health, and exercise. There are many other variables, so the science of height prediction is not 100% accurate.

ZenFriend - Breathe & Meditate

iOS (128) Free
Join our community of 90,000 meditators! This 5-star app helps you build a meditation habit with guided meditations, a beautiful timer, a wo...

Increase Height - Taller

iOS (1,262) Free
Increase Height Workout - Taller and Taller If you're unhappy with your height and you want to do something about it, Height Increase is a g...


iOS (34) Free
**This app works with the UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer. Stand tall, strengthen your core, and breathe better with UPRIGHT GO 2.

Teen Workout & Meal Plan

iOS (334) Free
Want to build stronger bones and improve your posture? Want to make exercise a habit and get a healthy lifestyle?

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