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Smart Doc Scanner

iOS (0) 1.99
“Smart Doc Scanner” is useful to capture document or business card image. FEATURES: • Tesseract OCR integrated • Convert image to PDF file • Capture or import image from Camera roll • Automatically detect image rectangle • Perspective crop with magnetic pointer • You can rotate with animation, adjustment image • So you can share or save


iOS (2) 0.99
Buying experiences don’t have to be difficult and result in driving around for hours. Shopepa is a mobile shopping app that lets you look for shop on your mobile device anywhere at your comfort!

Barcode Scanner Shopping - Price Check

iOS (67) 0.99
Ready for the best barcode scanner to hit the app store? Well here is your chance to take it quickly while it's only a dollar!

What's it worth on eBay?

Android (421) $4.99
What's your item worth on eBay? Find out!

QSeer Coupon Reader

Android (554) $1.99
QSeer is a must-have, money-saving tool for all couponers.

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