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Battle Of The Knights

iOS (1) 8.99
Technologically Advanced a This car, due to a high tech virtually non destroyable applied to it. usually Shoving either average ethical heads of corporations, being bullied into surrender to an unbarring or destroy criminal

The Golf Tracer

iOS (410) 0.99
Trace your golf shots! All you need is your phone.

SprintTimer - Photo Finish

iOS (99) 2.99
The most advanced sports timer in the AppStore! Featured by Apple in the TV-ad "Strength".


iOS (159) 0.99
This stopwatch has a perfectly simple design. With a large display and only two big buttons, users can easily operate it.

Harry's LapTimer Petrolhead

iOS (82) 19.99
Harry's LapTimer is the advanced tool for car enthusiast. It records all types of sensor data provided by your iPhone/iPod/iPad (or external...


iOS (1) 18.99
Birdie is a golf scoring application, made with golfers' needs in mind. Besides the ease of use and enhanced speed (compared to traditional...

Curling Analytics

iOS (2) 1.99
FEATURES: - A simple user interface that captures your data while allowing you to focus on the game - Detailed breakdown of shooting percent...

Dressage Memoriser

iOS (0) 2.99
Dressage Memoriser helps you learn and remember ANY dressage test. First you "record" the test as part of the learning process, by drawing the test pattern onto the screen.

Boating Suite

iOS (1) 4.99
Since 2010 BOATING SUITE has been the #1 boating logbook on the App Store! BOATING SUITE: LOGBOOK & EXPENSE TRACKER is dedicated to assistin...

Hockey Score Keeper Sounds!

iOS (27) 4.99
Hockey Team Managers Alert! This app is a must have for any one involved in keeping score and playing music for your hockey team.

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