Magic Dice Roller

Board · Android Pocket Dice
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Author: Game Wave Studios Version: 1.99 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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Dice decide the fate of your game, so immerse yourself in a polished experience by using Magic Dice Roller. Owners of this free app will be afforded a tabletop look and feel with a touch of magic with 7 free (yes, 7 for free!) gorgeous element based dice as well as countless unique roll options. Straightforward enough for basic dice games yet customizable to serve the most complex role playing games.

Go for gold by creating personalized templates with various element and side combinations on anywhere from 1 die to 50 dice. Prevent math errors and improve tracking with the totals display and thorough history log. Choose to roll manually or let the bots do it for you, and above all, embrace the beautiful uncertainty that drives a truly exciting game experience by using Magic Dice Roller.

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