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Board · Android RPG Dice Generator: random results, multiple dice, unlimited players; History;
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RPG Dice Generator by Akando Games



RPG Dice Generator

About this App:

This app’s purpose is generating random casts of dice. In case it shows too much information for the size of your device just scroll down :)

You can minimize all open boxes by clicking on the upwards arrow. Tapping on a downward arrow will open a closed box.

Details: Generate random results by selecting your dice and casting them


You can add up to 20 dice of each kind by pressing + (- will reduce the number of dice).

The total result (sum of all dice cast) will appear next to the player’s name. Clicking on a name will show their results grouped by dice type.


Customize your player name for a unique experience or add as many players as you like by typing their name and pressing +.

Blue highlighted players will participate in the next round. Tapping on a name selects/deselects the player. The - button will remove them.

You’ll only need to add your friends once. Player names will stay on the player list until you manually remove them.

Results and History:

Tapping on a player’s name shows their detailed results. Depending on the number of dice cast you might need to scroll down in order to see all of them.

Tap on the parchment scroll in the upper left corner of your screen to check the history of all dice cast since you installed the app. Clicking on the down arrow will open the detailed results. Your most recent results will appear at the top.

Your history will be stored until you manually delete them. You can either delete certain results (-) or wipe your history (clear).


What do the symbols mean?

i takes you to this page

The little heart takes you to Google Play in case you like this app and would like to rate it

The parchment scroll opens your history

How many different players can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of players.

I tapped on Roll but my results aren’t there yet?

Depending on the number of dice and players it might take a while to generate all results. In case the results are still being generated you’ll see a loading bar below the “Roll” button.

I tapped on the parchment scroll but the history won’t open?

The history shows all results RPG Dice Generator ever generated on your device. A long history log with many dice may cause a long loading time.


RPG Dice Generator doesn’t collect any personal data.


Akando Games

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