Idle Dice

Casual · Android Become a millionaire in Idle Dice!
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Author: Jimbop Version: 1.4.13 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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Want to know what it is like to be a millionaire? Here is your chance!

Idle Dice is a super easy game where you can roll your dices to earn a lot. Tap “roll”, and you will get different points. Greater point numbers will bring you more earnings. Roll and get pair, straight and full house, and you will earn even more. You think that is all? Nope! You can use multiplier to multiply your earnings, and use auto to roll dices automatically. Busy with your own business, and your earnings are still rocketing.

Download Idle Dice and have a go!


- Upgrade your dices and multipliers to increase your earning

- Idle system, you will get offline earning when you back

- Catch the flying money! It brains extra earning

- Draw a most appropriate card to get a massive explosion

- Use prestige to increase your multi on all dices forever

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