Clicker Monster

Casual · Android Yamato-style mobile game that enables AFK feature and collection of artifacts.
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Author: RICE BALL Version: 1.0.23 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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Leisure and cool combat. Horizontal display of vertical gameplay. Free access at any time.

Cool auto-play. First choice of comfort.

No time for games? A Japanese Sengoku-themed auto-play game with the highest degree of reduction so far, it's waiting for you! Create the character to slay the monsters 24/7. Auto-fight till the end of everything.

Is killing monsters tiring and boring? The hero will automatically find the monster brush strange leveling! Not sure how to obtain gears? Slay the monsters to obtain gears! It's just that simple! Lack of Diamonds or Coins? Receive Diamonds and Coins all the way! Not enough time? No time for games? Heroes will still be fighting even if you are offline! They... Simply... Can't... Stop!

Super artifacts have awesome combat effects.

Clicker Monster has poured efforts to develop the auto-play mode and improve the graphics and combat experience, in a hope to present a new auto-play game and a new world.

Game Features:

- Beautiful Yamato settings. Tap anywhere kill monsters.

- Casual gameplay, hot battles and dedicated stage design.

- Upgrade the Sword Moves to increase ATK. Rebirth and Karma are super cool.

- Unleash ultimate to gain ATK. Summon Izanagi in your aid.

- A perfect combination of auto-play mode and story mode.

- Scarecrow mode, makes items and EXP easily accessible.

- Multi-line growth system. Receive skins and Shikigami for free.

Clicker Monster is a leisurely auto-play game, joined by wonderful adventures, breath-taking stories, incredible interactions and professional trainings, ushering in a "Golden Era" of mobile games.

A dedicated idle RPG that integrates adventure, education, alchemy and auto-play.

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