Hot Gear

Racing · Android πŸ†πŸThe best physics based driving game ever made! Play now for Free! πŸπŸ†
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Author: Yadon Studio Version: 1.3.1 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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Hot Gear is an addictive free racing game with simple controls and realistic physics. Conquer the crazy tracks with lots of bridges, valleys, cliffs, springboards and ramps. Use your brain and reflexes to be the first in the race. Unlock and upgrade cars, become the legend of the offroad racing.

It’s possible to play Tap Gear in the offline mode with no internet connection!

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πŸš— Simple controls: press gas to go faster, press brakes to go slower. It’s really that simple!

πŸš—Realistic physics: cars jump and flip just like in the real life. Use that to fly over the obstacles like a pro.

πŸš—Hundreds of cars and track: every day will bring you come new content to try!

πŸš—Colorful graphics and splendid special effects: go fast and enjoy the view!

πŸš—Free racing game with supercharged cars - play offline for free.

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