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Build the Lighthouse - Impossible Sky High Tower Puzzles

iOS (11) Free
A 1-touch tower building adventure! Get ready to build the tallest lighthouse in the world in this easy to learn reaction game.

Robot Maker :complete factory to buid your own bot

iOS (10) Free
Now, your kid can build his own robot! Super game for the future engineer.

Mr. Square

iOS (195) Free
Solve many challenging puzzles and create your own! SO MANY LEVELS TO PLAY There’s 190+ levels distributed in chapters and many others in the workshop.

Doraemon Repair Shop

iOS (42) Free
Join Doraemon, the futuristic robot cat, on another one of his schemes to get Dorayaki in this cute and challenging time management game set...

Lawn Stack

iOS (38) Free
Roll up the lawn in a satisfying way. Walking on the lawn, rolling draft piles.

Yo! Let's Stretch

iOS (180) Free
Yo! Let's Stretch!

Granny Kick Neighbor

iOS (194) Free
Granny Kick Neighbor is a blast and destruction simulator 2.0 Are you stressed? No problem.

Play for Angry Teacher Horror

iOS (363) Free
It was time to study, classes began. I wonder if teachers love school time?

Magic Tiles for TWICE

iOS (170) Free
Magic Tiles for Twice will challenge your reflexes and reaction time while you play piano covers of your favorite Twice songs! HOW TO PLAY -...

The Nun - Scary Forest House

iOS (21) Free
The church Nun has been possessed by a dark spirit. So she turned herself from Nun to a demon and start living in the scary forest.

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