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My Coloring :Relaxing Coloring

iOS (100) Free
Leave the daily grind behind and and enjoy our unique 3D pixel (voxel) art coloring book. Color according to the numbers on the screen to cr...

Match Point : Ping Pong Online

iOS (5) Free
Another great old school game from GEKKO & GILMORE. This is the time for a classig game, but with some addictions to let the fun raise over and over.

CrazySushi 2017

iOS (0) Free
“Crazy Sushi” is a highly explosive puzzle game for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod ?Touch. Transcending the predictable match- three puzzle ge...

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

iOS (27) 3.99
I Have no Mouth, And I Must Scream is a classic point-and-click adventure game originally released in 1995 on PC. Based on a short story of...


iOS (110) 3.99
In Sanitarium you play an amnesiac thrust into a morbid, really creepy universe. After a car accident you wake up to find that instead of ly...

Toddler Puzzle Zoo Animals

iOS (1) 1.99
Toddler Puzzle Zoo is an educational, puzzle game for kids and toddlers. 1.


iOS (0) Free
山崩地裂水倒流,日月无光鬼神愁!就在此时《植物射僵尸》手机游戏神圣降世.多种多样的植物技能让您知道战术战略的重要性.变态恐怖的僵尸技能考验您的操作.这是一场神的试炼,只有真正的强者才能顺利过关. 操作方法: 1、向下拉动弹弓上的植物,然后松开手指,会发射植物....

绝地枪王 - 益智打枪游戏

iOS (292) Free
这是一个充满迷题的益智游戏.西部牛仔?王牌特工?在这里你可以成为枪王之王.请使用你聪明的才智解决复杂谜团,展示你精 准诡异的枪法拯救可怜人质.准备好你的武器,完美的完成每一次任务吧! 游戏特色: 迷团般的任务 各具特色的关卡你能完成吗?射出的子弹将物品击落,引爆,制造连锁反应,利...

Blast Fever - Solve Puzzles

iOS (1,157) Free
The most addictive tapping and matching game ever! Fun is at the tip of your fingers, with the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve!


iOS (41) Free
知識王回來了!好友對戰、畫面功能與題目提升,無法想像的全面進化. • 新關卡與新題目:環遊世界挑戰關主,臨場感百分百! • 好友對戰:即時連線爭奪獎品,歡樂度爆表! • 主持模式:化身主持人,邀請兩位朋友一起連線玩,主辦你自己的比賽! 這是一款老少咸宜的遊戲,知識的寶藏就在前方,快回來與朋友們一起繼續冒險吧.

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