S7 Launcher and S7 edge theme

Personalization · Android Change your Mobile view into Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with almost all features.
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Author: SoftizonApps Version: 1.2.5 Filesize: Unknow Price: Free


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S7 Edge Launcher now supports all Android phone/ devices. By using S7 Edge launcher you can personalize your device the way you want it to be look like. S7 Edge Launcher integrated Gallery Lock and many other App features to protect your apps from unauthorized persons/users access.


• Efficiently manage your home screen settings, like wallpapers and system themes, to customize your S7 Edge Launcher.

• Swipe down and search in your apps, contacts, and check trending search topics instantly with the new quick find option.

• Make Your own style, according to your choice, your lifestyle using various wallpapers, folder styles, and effects that fit your home screen.

• Organize your apps and folders in such a style that you can access all apps on home screen or also can have access apps using a home screen shortcut.

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