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Voice & Text Translator App

iOS (1) Free
Communicate effortlessly with anyone anywhere around the world with cutting edge voice technology and an advanced text translation feature....

German Translator.

iOS (34) 4.99
Best app for easy and fast german translations, which can also be used like a dictionary. If you are a student, tourist or traveler , it helps you to learn the language!

AR Translator - Arly

iOS (1) Free
Translating a conversation has never been easier! Wherever you go, you can easily communicate in any country - AR Voice Translator instantly pronounces translated phrases.

Bulgarian offline translator

iOS (3) 1.99
For English text look below. ОФЛАЙН преводач и речник с глас -- безценен инструмент когато пътувате!

LingoCam: Real-Time Translator

iOS (2) 1.99
Just point your iPhone camera to any text, LingoCam instantly translates the text for you. No photo taking or keyboard typing is required.

eTranslate-translator app

iOS (100) Free
The perfect translation and dictionary application for voice and text translation in more than 100 languages. Turn your phone into a real-time translation device.

Offline Translator Turkish Pro

iOS (1) 1.99
OFFLINE translator and dictionary -- the ultimate foreign language tool when you are abroad! Translates text between English and Turkish.

Multi Language Translator App

iOS (4) Free
Multi Language Translator App now comes to iOS. It is one of the Most Powerful and Best Language Translator App you've been waiting for!

AI Translator-Accurate & Fast

iOS (242) Free
AI Translator-Accurate & Fast,this app shows the best translation results by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm...

Translate: Language Translator

iOS (2) Free
Translate - Language Translator is so cool for languages conversions and translation. About translate all voice, text, camera….

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