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Remote for Zoom Cloud Meetings

iOS (15) 2.99
This app transforms your iPhone into a Remote for Zoom Meetings. No need to sit next to your MacBook or iMac.

Video Camera Zoom

iOS (9) 0.99
Record 1080p HD videos with 7x digital zoom. Exclusive - Full resolution real-time camera preview.


iOS (20) 9.99
PanTiltZoom allows you incredible control of your PTZOptics™ cameras using the VISCA Over IP protocol. With the multitouch interface you can...

Binoculars - 32X Digital Zoom

iOS (12) 2.99
Binoculars is super 32x digital zoom camera. Bonus +Secret Folder.

Binoculars Zoom Camera Pro

iOS (31) 1.99
Binoculars Shooting Pro could transform your iPhone or iPad into a full screen binoculars with flashlight! You can choose between 6 auto-zoo...

Smart Binoculars - 60X Zoom

iOS (29) 2.99
Why smart? Because the binoculars try to make the image a little more accurate and lower the blur a bit when the digital zoom approaches 60X zoom than if you zoom in to the 60x with normal zoom.

Camera Pro+ Recorder 32x Zoom

iOS (11) 2.99
CAMERA PRO+ is like camera pro. Use 50+ photo and video filters and effects.

Camera Zoom 4

iOS (467) 1.99
We now have over 3 million users! With Camera Zoom, you can zoom in and out in real-time up to 15x while taking pictures, by just simply moving the slider.

Zoom 100x Camera

iOS (161) 2.99
Extreme Zoom Camera. Switch WideAngle-Lens of DualCamera-Device with TelePhoto-Lens.

Super Zoom Telephto Camera

iOS (26) 1.99
Super Zoom Telephoto Camera Pro could transform your iPhone or iPad into a full screen zoom camera with flashlight! You can choose between 6...

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