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DocScan - A Powerful Scanner!

iOS (2) Free
Create and manage a virtual copy of your credit cards, books, checks, recipes, timetables and any paper documents by using DocScan*. Scan, edit, save and share any document in PDF JPEG or TXT format.


iOS (0) Free
Simple CamScanner is a PDF document scanner application that turns your mobile phone into a portable scanner. You can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports or anything.

Document Scanner SDK App

iOS (0) Free
Are you looking for a scanning solution for your business app or does your existing solution cause too many mistakes or takes too much time?...

Scan Text Word or Ocr

iOS (1) Free
doc scan app Scan ererything into clear & sharp image/PDF. With doc scan app, you can rapidly scan documents, and convert them into PDF form...

PhotoScan PDF Pro Scanner

iOS (571) Free
PhotoScan PDF Pro is a simple app that is able to take, edit, enhance, and store your pictures, as well as add features. You can also convert images to PDF with one click of a button.

Turbo iScanner for Document LT

iOS (0) Free
Scan and share documents and photos with BP iScanner, one of the best mobile scanner app with a lot of powerful editing features that you ca...

Easy OCR: Image to text easily

iOS (10) Free
Easy OCR is app to recognize any text from an image with 98% to 100% accuracy. Gave support for 60+ languages.

Translator App.

iOS (32) Free
Translate App allows you to write in another language straight from your keyboard. It’s quick and very simple!

Translate Now-Speak&ScanPhoto

iOS (0) Free
Whether you're traveling to new places or trying to get started learning a new language, get “Translate Now”, the language is no longer a ba...

软视云会议-vymeet cloud meeting

iOS (0) Free
【产品简介】 企业、商务办公-视频会议 机构、教室教学-云教育平台 【产品特点】 视频会议、远程培训、网络直播、微信直播 官方网站:http://www.vymeet.com/

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