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Reader+ Pro : eBook Reader

iOS (8) 1.99
● Reader+ can scan books with rear camera of your device instantly, so you can enjoy your own paper books in iPad or iPhone. ● and support the following file formats.

Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

iOS (17,859) Free
Find your next favorite with Likewise. Easily discover and share great recommendations for movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts.

Filmbox Smart Movie Manager

iOS (14) Free
Filmbox, Smart Database for Movies and TV Shows. Best way to create to-do list.


iOS (0) Free
MustWatch fills a gap for movie, tv and gaming fans. (Book lovers can also use it if they like ;) ) If you socialise with friends and talk a...

TV Time: Track Shows & Movies

iOS (41,168) Free
Please note: You cannot watch TV shows or movies with TV Time. From the TV you watched years ago to movies in theaters now, TV Time is the t...

TV Sofa: Track Shows & Movies

iOS (93) Free
TV Sofa is the most advanced tv show tracker, movie tracker and streaming guide app on the App Store. "Everything you need in one gorgeous a...

Pelisplus Peliculas - Movies

iOS (15) Free
PelisPlus is mot easiest way to learn about Movies, TV Shows, Actors. Features: • Find: with the intelligent search function, you can find the movie you are looking for in the easiest possible way.

Tino Movie

iOS (0) Free
The best way to collect movies you want to watch. - Attribution: This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified be TMDb.

Movie Bucket

iOS (31) Free
Movie Bucket is your bucket list for movies. Keep track of movies you want to see, when they're available for viewing, and which movies your friends are watching.

Moviefit with Films & TV Shows

iOS (9) Free
Now finding the right movie is going easy and smooth. We scan the universe of movies and TV series to help you make the best choice.

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