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Cloudbeats audiobooks offline

iOS (47) 6.99
Listen to your audiobooks, lectures and other audio files anywhere directly from Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and more. Save space on you...

Photo Locker - Secret App

iOS (0) 0.99
Photo Locker help you to lock and manage your private photos very easily. LOVED AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE TODAY!

Time & Business Card Widget

iOS (2) 0.99
Description: Make fun using your personal info & Elegance on your home screen. Add your info like Name, Job, Phone, Email, Photos, and shows on the home screen.

Does the Dog Die?

iOS (24) 3.99
Does seeing a dog die on screen leave you an emotional wreck for weeks? Does the Dog Die saves you from emotional turmoil by exposing which of your triggers are in movies, TV shows or books.

Replicant 2

iOS (40) 5.99
One of the original buffer effects, and still one of the best, Replicant is essentially a randomized looper/buffer reverse, with a randomize...

Launch Buttons Plus

iOS (9) 4.99
THIS APP DOES NOT PLAY AUDIO BECAUSE IT'S A MIDI CONTROLLER FOR ABLETON LIVE Launch Buttons is a MIDI controller that lets you perform your...

O&D - طبلة وعود

iOS (919) 13.99
أول وأقوى تطبيق ايقاعات عربية حية وبجودة عالية أهم المميزات : - إيقاعات حية و مستمرة (loops) - امكانية التحكم بالسرعة دون التأثير على الجودة...

Guitar Scales Essentials

iOS (5) 1.99
* Select from 6 tunings: Standard, Drop C, Drop D, Open D, Open G, or Celtic * Visualize 15 essential scales, in any key, on a virtual fretboard or as tabs * Practice with built-in instrumental and percussion backing tracks or a metronome * Easily switch between full and pentatonic views in major and minor scales * Display chords and notes in a scale * Supports light and dark mode

SessionBand Acoustic Guitar 2

iOS (13) 2.99
Create stunning Acoustic Guitar backing tracks for any song in minutes with Volume 2 of the award-winning SessionBand app - the world’s only...

Backing Tracks: Ballads

iOS (1) 1.99
Also available now: - Blues Backing Tracks - Backing Tracks: Latin - Backing Tracks: Reggae Musicians - in need of accompaniment while practicing? Look no further than Backing Tracks: Ballads!

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