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Stop&Go+ Music Player

iOS (44) 2.99
Get the music player you need, combining ease-of-use with professional grade features : - Crossfade songs - Cue songs with the Stop&Go mode...


iOS (35) 14.99
Sound your best with Professional Live Track Playback for the iPad AND iPhone Playback your audio tracks at the touch of a button. Great for...

Cue Master

iOS (18) 14.99
Cue Master is a elegantly simple track player for iPad targeted towards theatrical productions, talent shows, choreographers, dancers or oth...

iReal Pro

iOS (977) 13.99
Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art.

BACKR - Guitar Backing Tracks

iOS (5) 2.99
BACKR Guitar Backing Tracks - thousands of Guitar Backing Tracks at your fingertips! • search for your favourite track/artist • browse the r...

Blues Guitar Jam Tracks

iOS (2) 1.99
FEATURES: 15 seperate professionally recorded blues jam tracks in a variety of blues styles. Each track can be adjusted to play in all 12 keys.

Tempo Advance - Metronome

iOS (431) 3.99
Approved and used by Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, Drummer of the Year*), Tempo Advance is the metronome app to bring your musicianship to th...

SessionBand Acoustic Guitar 1

iOS (27) 2.99
Create studio-quality Acoustic Guitar backing tracks for any song in minutes with the award-winning SessionBand app - the world’s only chord...

SessionBand Piano 1

iOS (14) 2.99
Create professional Piano backing tracks for any song in minutes with the award-winning SessionBand app - the world's only chord-based loop...

Matt Warnock Guitar : 101 Jazz Guitar Licks

iOS (3) 2.99
Are you looking to expand your jazz guitar vocabulary and build your jazz guitar chops but don’t want to just learn static licks without kno...

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