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Messenger New AI Control App

iOS (39) Free
Get better Control on Social Make Better Friends & Improve your Fitness & Health Monitor your Heart Rate & understand Stress Levels to Impro...


iOS (5,087) Free
Use your Apple Watch to AUTOMATICALLY track your sleep! Sleep++ takes advantage of the motion and health monitoring capabilities of your App...

Nike Adapt

iOS (3,798) Free
The Adapt App gives you exclusive access to the latest and greatest features of your Nike Adapt footwear. 
 REMOTELY ADJUST YOUR FIT Tighten or loosen Nike Adapt footwear from your phone.

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

iOS (37,943) 3.99
Automatically track your sleep from your Apple Watch*. No buttons to press.

Running & Walking Tracker App

iOS (66) Free
Track your runs directly from your phone. Receive detailed information on the surrounding areas and their conditions.

تسعة أشهر-متابعة الحمل أسبوعيا

iOS (5,271) Free
تابعي كل ما يحدث لك ولطفلك أولًا بأول كل أسبوع مع تطبيق تسعة أشهر متابعة الحمل أسبوعيا. يزودك تطبيق حاسبة الحمل تسعة أشهر بكل التغيرات التي...


iOS (0) Free
体組成計BODY SCAN(別売)(※)と連動して体内データを記録・蓄積管理してダイエットをサポート◎彡


iOS (1) Free
Join a growing community of visionaries, doctors, and patients that rely on Prenuvo to help you lead a life free of cancer and major disease...

Bmi: Ideal Weight Calculator

iOS (15) Free
The body mass index is the easiest way to check if you are an ideal weight. You can easily learn the state of the kiln according to your neck and learn the ideal weight.


iOS (2) Free
Cloudzet App is a control app that: 1) Controls the TG3D Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanners to performs: a) Self-Serve Body Scan in 3 seconds b) 3D Model Creation in 10 seconds c) Quick Sizes Measurements in 30 seconds 2) Interactive 3D view and Full Body Size Analysis for Tailors can be accessed on TG3D Scanatic™ MTM Cloud Console.

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