Alien Boss

Casino · Android A German game system with special, gold and boss games.
Author: Butterweich GmbH Version: 1.1 Filesize: Unknow Price: $1.99


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The Alien Boss is our own creation and plays with the old German game system. It was created with Unity3D, 64bit and has nothing to do with Flash like our predecessors. What is special is the graphics on the one hand and a title song and alien noises while playing on the other.

The coin storage can be taught by tapping and should there be no more coins, it will be replenished free of charge. To speed up the app, the 3D elements can be switched off in the settings and the volume can be regulated.

The "Stretch Full Screen" function is special so that the slot machine can be warped in height so that it can be adapted to your device. You decide how much.

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