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Racing · iOS Lots of bus driving school simulator on the store, but none of them covers a simulator for those who wants to make a career as bus driver. B...
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Lots of bus driving school simulator on the store, but none of them covers a simulator for those who wants to make a career as bus driver. Bus driving licence, becomes a lot easier after you play this bus driving school 2020 game step by step. Bus driving school 2020 game ensures that you met all the road rules, before hopping on a passenger coach to start moving the day today life as 3D bus driver pro. 3D bus driving school 2020 is a unique game as far bus games are concerned, as it gives more concentration to road rules rather than racing like in crazy school bus driving academy simulator 2020.
In all big cities of the world, there is always a special Bus lane, so make sure you use this all the time while you playing this real bus driving simulator 2020 to get bonus points and also get a chance to impress the instructor, who is the one after all issuing the license after you play the bus parking simulator game as well, which is part of this 3D bus driving school test sim.

Bus driving school 2020 game has special bus traffic lights installed, so you know that all the public coach driver has to use this to get priority over all the other traffic in peak hour traffic, so make full use of this and get bonus points, as well as the instructor is always keeping an eye on you to know all these tricks in real city bus driver academy game. Turning of all the long vehicles is always a hassle, in our case in this coach driving simulator 2020, all these long vehicles has to be dealt very cautiously. You have to move forward in the intersection, or may be turn from the second lane, as you can’t do lane to lane turning in these scenarios.


• Stunning 3D graphics, covering the city and parking lots, to keep immense emphasis on this 3D bus parking game simulator 2020.
• Outstanding 3D models, ranging from small to huge monster coach, tailor made for this bus driving school simulator 2020.
• Detailed bus customization
• Learn up to 40+ road signs
• Detailed interior bus cabin
• Play with your friends in multiplayer mode
• Drive buses in free mode in an open world environment
• Easy and attractive user Interface.
• Smart traffic system running through the city roads.
• Steering, buttons and tilt controls available, adjust it as you feel like it.
• Left and right hand driving covered for this bus parking 3D game.
• Different camera angles, to make driving and parking easy at tough intersections.
• Interior covered in quite detail.

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