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A Big Hero vs 6 Mile Tall Beanstalk Chopping Game

iOS (0) Free
Chop Away! In this fun tapping and addictive chopping game!


iOS (33) Free
You must face a horrific challenge by escape from your dead Grandma's green house. You have five days to escape or you'll die.


iOS (17) Free
Kuntilanak is a scary and pure psychological horror game. You will explore the neighbor house that is filled with ghost.

Good Dogs!

iOS (89) Free
WeRateDogs presents the most realistic and numerically accurate dog running simulator ever. No matter how far your dog runs, please remember...

Camping with Scary Teacher

iOS (63) Free
Scary Teacher is back and he takes you on a field trip for Camping. Camping with him is just not a good idea!!

Education Basics Scary Teacher

iOS (2,891) Free
Education Basics Scary Teacher has got 3 new and unique Episodes for you to explore scary and horror adventure. You have limited time once you solved all the quizzes, the Scary teacher is after you.

Dodge Action 3D

iOS (14,881) Free
Time to enter physics bending action. How good are your reflexes?

Desert Riders

iOS (28,650) Free
Imagine you are in the desert, you have a gun and mad cars are chasing you. Don’t worry!

Contract Cover Shooter 2020

iOS (8) Free
Are you ready for the shooting showdown in this 3D cover fire game? Be a cover shooter in one of the best offline shooting games.

Police Car Driving: Crime City

iOS (1,177) Free
Ready to become the latest in the line of duty of the best police in the city? Get straight into the epic police driving action as you take...

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