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Batman - The Telltale Series

iOS (2,189) Free
Begin your adventure - Episode One now FREE! Discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight.

The Trail

iOS (15,665) Free
The Trail will lead you to adventure and fortune! Join our pioneers on a vast journey across country unknown.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

iOS (498) 4.99
Klei Entertainment has partnered with our friends at CAPY, creators of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, Super Time Force and Below; to bri...


iOS (4,234) Free
Play the opening for free. In-app purchase of the full game.

Monument Valley 2

iOS (5,080) 4.99
Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzl...

The Witness

iOS (409) 9.99
You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that will challenge and surprise you. You don't remember who you are, and you don't...


iOS (2,255) 0.99
Begin your journey through a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine. Mysterious things happen in a ruined room.


iOS (14,243) 4.99
Draw paths to guide the flocking spirits to their home planets. Watch countless beautiful creatures emerge from light, bring balance to a world in constant motion, and unravel its mysteries.

FEZ Pocket Edition

iOS (434) 4.99
Gomez is a 2D creature living in a 2D world. Or is he?

Playdead's INSIDE

iOS (18,544) Free
Apple Design Award Winner. What the press said: “MASTERPIECE!

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