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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

iOS (645) Free
***NOTE: Compatible with iPad 3 and up, iPad Mini (Retina) and up, iPhone 5 and up, iPod Touch 6 and up - WE CANNOT GUARANTEE COMPATIBILITY...

Chaos Lords: Tactical RPG

iOS (114) Free
Join epic real-time PvE & PvP battles! Dive into the Fantasy game World full of magic and monsters!

Spellcraft: Descent into Chaos

iOS (12) Free
* Easy to learn, challenging for experts * Extensive single player campaign * 2-player duels and rankings * Fabulous custom soundtrack * Tot...

Warhammer Combat Cards

iOS (3,616) Free
The eternal conflict of Warhammer 40,000 takes a new turn in Warhammer Combat Cards, a card battle game featuring your favorite Citadel Mini...

Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos

iOS (18) Free
Relive the history of the Three Kingdoms with hundreds of Cities. Build your own city and recruit heroes, aiming to Occupy the Capital "Luo Yang" to end this Chaos Period.

Loud House: Outta Control

iOS (47) Free
Welcome to the Loud House! Are you ready to get OUTTA CONTROL?!

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

iOS (3,363) Free
**An Apple Best of 2019 Game** Spread Chaos across the Old World! Command a horde as you build a fortress capable of conquering the Empire o...

Kingdom Wars Defense!

iOS (2,552) Free
Easy to Play! Focused on Level up and Strategy!


iOS (1,074) Free
Turn based strategy! Chaos Online recreated as a real-time RPG.

Brawl Swords

iOS (36) Free
3 Minute Rounds! 3v3 MOBA meets Action RPG!

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