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Word Bliss - from PlaySimple

iOS (23,323) Free
Ever wish for a game that not only works your mind but also helps calm it? Word Bliss is the ticket for your brain to go on a fun yet peaceful journey while getting better at your wordplay!

Word Tile Puzzle: Tap to Crush

iOS (12,794) Free
Tired of traditional word games? Still searching for innovative word search puzzles?

Hangman - Search and Find The Hidden Word Puzzles

iOS (3,652) Free
Hangman is a classic word puzzle game. The player guesses letters in order to uncover the hidden word.

Alchemy 1000

iOS (4,123) Free
This classic alchemy puzzle game starts off with the four basic elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Mix them together and create new elements.

Hydrocarbons Chemical Formulas

iOS (5) 0.99
This application is for students studying organic chemistry, for teachers and organic chemists. There are more than 180 structural formulas.

Chemical Substances: Chem-Quiz

iOS (22) 0.99
Do you know the formula of ammonia? Or hydrogen peroxide?

Words & Pics ~ Free Photo Quiz. What's the word?

iOS (41) Free
Dive in a world of fun with this free addictive game! You have 4 pictures that have 1 thing in common and your task is to guess the word.

Pic Quiz: Fun Word Trivia Game

iOS (94) Free
Pic Quiz is an addictive new picture guessing game! Each pic is covered by 16 squares - tap the squares to reveal the picture.

Number Place Purple

iOS (114) Free
A NumberPlace game app that needs no explanation on the rules! for free :) Concentrate and think carefully you will be able to solve the 100 puzzle games!

Guess 8 Bit Retro Classic Games : 100 Best Old School Famicom Pixels Trivia Quiz

iOS (45) Free
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