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Welcome to PHP App Portal, we hope you enjoy your stay.  Please note that as a condition of use of PHP App Portal the following policies apply:

  1. RSS Feed Subscription.  You may subscribe to our RSS feed using any number of RSS readers.  However, you may not repost any of our reviews, news articles, pages or any other post in its entirety.  You may however, repost a summary of our content but in so doing must provide a link back to the original review, post or article.
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  3. You acknowledge that PHP App Portal is an independent web publication and is not affiliated with Apple Inc., iTunes or any of the App Developers that have had their applicaiton(s) reviewed or profiled on our site.
  4. You acknowledge and agree that the news and reviews provided by PHP App Portal are subjective and are our own interpretation of the event(s), apps, or other media.
  5. Unless explicitly stated, all content on PHP App Portal is created by us, and our authors and app reviewers.
  6. All images are Copyright 2020 – PHP App Portal unless otherwise stated or claimed by the original source, app developer or app distributor. Use of these images falls under #2 above.
  7. If you submit an app review you acknowledge that there is no guarantee that a review will be written at all.  When submitting your app you also accept that a review may or may not be positive and may or may not help or hurt sales of your application.  Furthermore, we do not accept payment for reviews (paid reviews) or accelerated reviews.
  8. Submitted applications will not be considered for review, admission to the App DB, or for advertising if their iTunes rating is (in many cases) exceeds 12+ or if the content is sexually suggestive, contains nude or partially nude images, contains extreme violence, incites hate or is not deemed appropriate for a wide audience. Furthermore, PHP App Portal does not follow the same standards as Apple when deciding which apps fall into what category. As the owners and operators of PHP App Portal, this determination is ours and only ours to make.
  9. Likewise, advertising on PHP App Portal must be pre-approved.  We do not accept ads that contain sexually suggestive material, nude or partially nude images, extreme violence, incites hate, furthers a political or religious agenda, promotes goods or services that can be objectionable, or is not acceptable to a wide audience.  This determination is ours and only ours to make.
  10. Anything you submit to PHP App Portal is subject to editorial review, edit, deletion, moderation, clarification and spam.  This includes, but is not limited to, comments of any kind, emails sent to editors or staff, app submissions to the App DB, app submissions for review.

Revised April 14, 2020